Barbara Mileto

Argentinian, New Orleans-based Barbara Johanna Mileto is a multidisciplinary artist that integrates photography and printmaking, assemblage and textiles, video, and digital. Informed by her Latin roots, her work explores cultural and personal identity formation, addressing the importance of heritage, ancestors, and religion in South American culture while establishing her own deities, spiritual space, and iconography. Strongly autobiographical, her work often features family members and expresses her lived experience as a subject. Mileto has received numerous awards, including a 2020 Art Award for her Cyanotype work from the Homer L. Hitt Society. In 2010 Mileto founded and served as CEO for Estampería de Autor in Argentina, a graphic design and printmaking company that helped entrepreneurs and small design companies scale their businesses. Over the past thirteen years, she has also taught Art and Design in both Argentina and the United States. She earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, in Textile and Fashion Design from Universidad de Morón and earned her Master of Fine Arts in Fine Arts at the University of New Orleans in 2021. Mileto participates in Community Engagement projects, being an artistic partnership with NET: Gentilly one of the most recent ones.